On the road again with the “A-Town A-List”

Over the past few years I’ve been slowly and steadily increasing my time spent ‘on the road’.  Many people have heard about our group called the A-Town A-List, which I am currently on tour with, and many have asked when and where they can see us perform.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  But first, I want to say that I love how much success our group has achieved over the past 2 years, working so hard and rising up to be one of the most sought-after “event party bands” in the nation.  I am very proud of my dear friends in the A-Town A-List.  And they really are my friends!


Also, we have been so satisfied with our booking agency “Sam Hill”, who has connected our band to more performances than we ever would have imagined, including House of Blues in Vegas and Atlantic City, Studio 54, countless events and concerts, and private parties for the likes of Jerry Bruckheimer, executive producer to Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the C.S.I. legacy.



So while I am touring with the ‘A-List’, I continue to appreciate the importance of having friends, and having good things in your life.  Nothing good comes without some sense of work and sacrifice.  And believe me, we work.   But no matter how much success you conjure up, you will want to have those you care most about be nearest to you.  So today, I celebrate those boys (and girl) who work hard week after week right there in the trenches with me.  Dustin Ah Kuoi, Ryan Stuart, Genevieve Simpson, Sam Tesh, Nathan Cooley, Emerson St. Pierre, Shane Hulsey and Samm Darden.   Even our production team Mark and Matt!  I love you guys.


So that brings me back to those of you who ask about attending our shows.  During this season of time, we are playing mainly private events.  However, make sure that you follow me on Twitter, ‘like’ my Facebook fanpage, subscribe to my YouTube page, and even sign up for my newsletter which is at the bottom of this screen, and you will know when we are performing at a public event that you can attend, and you will have complete access to everything that’s going on, including music releases, articles and more!  And to you who come out to see us perform, I really appreciate each one of you, seriously.  Thank you for your support.  And I promise you, that this is only the beginning!

Until next time!


Rudy Vaughn

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  1. Tammy Magowan says:

    Love you guys ! Be safe on the road!

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