The Big Fish

The Big Fish

Most people say you can’t catch “The Big Fish”.  Or perhaps, they say it, but deep in their own hearts, they don’t believe it.

But guess what?  The “Big Fish” exists.  Yet most people are pessimistic towards believing that they could ever catch it.

Try not to let naysayers get you down.  Try and keep in mind, those telling you that you are wasting your time aren’t the ones shopping for strategic dock positions and purchasing boats, or testing fishing line strength with you.  Naysayers are people who instead spend their time telling you how it’s necessary to stay realistic.

How many of these folks are actually dragging school bus sized bait through the deep waters?  How many of these folks have seen the fish with their own eyes?  How many of these people project on you their well-formed opinions, but they’ve never even seen the beach?

No my friends, “The Big Fish” does exist, and she can be caught.  But most people never truly fish, with real gear, with real boats, with real man-power.  Most people don’t want to risk the possibility of death by sea, and some don’t even want to get their hair wet.

Most people are spectators, and I guess that’s okay.  But armchair quarterbacks never get trophies, and sideline sunbathers never catch “The Big Fish”.

Rudy Vaughn

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  1. Love your view on things Rudy! :)
    I have not been fishing for years, but whoa!!! Here I go!
    I started this blog on August 23rd with about 85 original songs, and now
    I have one hundred new ones, and still writing… Been Fishing again, and
    am going after that Big One!! Thanks for this! Awesome! Your New Friend, Teresa :)

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