New Song: Marching Home

How do you explain what God has done? ….  the fall of man, the plan He has for us, and the fact that we are still waiting on Him, the fact that he is waiting on us to say “yes” to him?   Marching Home is an attempt to articulate this journey, sung from the perspective of mankind, starting with Adam.

Verse 1:  Man and God together in Paradise and The Garden of Eden, but quickly transitions into “The Fall”.

“I remember long ago looking at your face on a day that time stood still”

The Chorus: We began with God, and we will return to Him.

“We’re marching home going back to where we began, and everything is just a reflection”

Verse 2: Our current lives, our sinful nature, yet God chases us, changes us, and calls us back to Him.

“Every time I try to hide from your love and care, I can’t get away from you, because you’re moving inside of me, changing the way I move, moving the way I think, thinking always of you”

The Bridge:  Understanding the big picture.  It is indeed difficult to imagine God returning in power and taking his people back.

Revelation 21:2:

“And I saw the holy city, a new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

You see it’s a haunting show, what my reflection shows, just a reflection of what I was long ago…. Here comes the bridge but no place left to hide or go:

The song “Marching Home”, written by myself, an original song written specifically for this series for 12Stone Church, with the intention to capture the essence of the story and put it in a song format.

God is doing big things!  His people are being redeemed according to their faith in Jesus Christ.  It is true, we as mankind have fallen, and we are currently living in a broken world.  But those who call on the name of the Lord will be saved, and God is preparing a place for us where we can be with Him once again.  It a long and difficult journey, but it’s a journey home.

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-Rudy Vaughn

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